From many moons back, my dream was always to be a fashion designer, however for a number of reasons this was not to be.  My path took me into corporate marketing where I was very happy for many years, but there was always a yearning to be more creative and at a point the beautiful PowerPoint presentations was no longer enough.

Early 2019, the birth of Aurora took place borne out of this love for fashion, style and more specifically interesting accessories that are unique and different and have the ability to change an outfit completely. I began by developing earrings that were fun, interesting and proudly South African made by yours truly.  I was surprised and grateful for the interest and support that this little seedling of a brand/business was getting but something had to give. 

Towards the end of 2019 I became overwhelmed with being an employee, manager, wife, mom, step-mom and budding entrepreneur and something had to give.  I took the plunge and resigned from the corporate life I had known for so long and dove into the unknown which has been terrifying but also so exciting! 

Today I am continuing to produce accessories that are personally designed by myself and each accessory I still personally touch before it gets to its final home assuring quality and attention to detail. I am a firm believer in supporting and uplifting local business/communities where possible and some of my Aurora projects have allowed me to do more of this by working with an extremely talented group of crafters based in rural KZN.  The proceeds of the work they do allows them to take back to their family and community enriching their lives a little more than before which is a beautiful story for Aurora and makes me proud of this little business.